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Hamro Kurakani : Security situation of Nepal - how serious is it?

Hamro Kurakani
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Date Uploaded:02/12/2010
Description: With the recent daylight shooting of a Nepalese businessman in the heart of Kathmandu has raised some serious questions towards the magnitude of the current security situation of the newest republic of the world. Some elites in and outside of Kathmandu view this incident as just a reflection of inept government of Nepal while others accuse this as yet another incident where Indian government agencies feel and does what it feels like inside Nepal when it comes to individuals listed as anti-indians.

Apart from the conspiracy theory and clumsiness of the government, it reflects the grim situation of public's inability to influence the government's policy and grave danger towards the future republic constitution. Is the current security situation is an end result of our inefficient politicians or just a matter of a oversight from security agencies' part or an attestation of foreign agency carrying out its intentions inside Nepal without diplomacy? Depending on who approaches this topic, conclusions can be entirely different.

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bob12:54:03 PM Sunday, 28 March 2010
Absoulutely correct and the indians needs to be out of Nepalese affairs and Nepal shouldnt sway to their designs and become pawns of of their designs , Indians are a cancer that needs to be taken out of nepal once and for all
Anonymous10:56:20 PM Friday, 16 April 2010
lau na...aru topic khojum....jaldo baldo.....yo kurakani le ta kei pani lachar pato layena
nepali choro 03:51:47 AM Thursday, 18 September 2014
why don't you bring a topic like kicking all (buda dimak kharab ) parties out from country and bringing young nepalis party who actually can develop and build a developed and secured country .
jiban limbu12:18:30 PM Saturday, 24 January 2015


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