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Hamro Kurakani : Nepali National Flag Controversy

Hamro Kurakani
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Date Uploaded:09/18/2009
Description: Maoists want Nepal’s National Flag Changed.

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NEPjolly10:42:40 PM Saturday, 19 September 2009
Naresh ji.. You picked up good issue .... Our flag holds a historical value...
A person who thinks of changing the flag, i think, has no value for his ancestors and has no respect towards their nation.

biswa10:46:47 PM Saturday, 19 September 2009
this is nothing but the autocrat behavior of maoist. they just want to make things happen as they come out of their mind even if they are absolutely absurd and contain no social and national values .
Anonymous07:18:40 PM Sunday, 20 September 2009
I do not see any point of changing the national flag which bear the historical gesture of the modern unified Nepal. Nobody; regardless if it's a totalitarian- party with fanatics-Maoists or anybody; can change the history. Whether they like it or not - Nepal is a country unified by Moon Dynasty by defeating the Sun Dynasty. This reason is ample enough to keep the flag as it is.

However, I also believe that if somebody has a rational argument towards the flag change – people should at least have an open mind about it. But it should not be changed just because party of terrorists like Maoists doesn’t like it. If they don’t like it they should not be living in a country unified by Shah Dynasty.
Ramesh Maharjan07:31:47 PM Tuesday, 22 September 2009
Maoist want to change every thing according to their own benefits and trying to controal whole Nepal. Up to here, they want to cahang this historic flag and want to have their own imported flag as a national flag which contains with 'Hasiya' & 'Hathuda'. I strongly condemn for their insanity behave. I want to see the same historic flage forever and ever.
simrika07:01:18 AM Friday, 25 September 2009
so bad to hear that and one day this maiost wants to changed all nepali people.is that possible?why they are running towards nepal'national flag.why dont thay changed themselve.rather making nepal as a developed country they are making worse day by day.one day nepal will be taken by other country.so ridiculous and disgusting poeple with no sense of humour.they are making themselves as a burden .
Suman Baral03:22:23 PM Sunday, 27 September 2009
Nepal lai suru ma rakshyas ves ma rayaka nepali politician haru ko man ani mastiska lai change garara nepal ko lagi eutai bato ma milera hidna bato banaunu parcha.Tes paschat k k change garne ho gare huncha But In full conscensus,
Berojgaar07:35:52 PM Wednesday, 30 September 2009
I had promised myself last night that I would spare about half an hour or so to write something about kurakani section today. Defying norms of a meeting; I tried to distract myself into the topic but failed. Given a committed person as I am - :) I figured I have to write something even if it means giving up my nap time – :).

I thought of premise of this website and particularly the section that I am trying to get into it. The site offers different flavors like music, news, radio etc. Having another section that is close towards being a talk show (at least administrator wishes in my opinion) is definitely not objectionable or at least seems like the step is an attainment towards making the website a bit more diverse – so far so good. Offering a talk show kind of thing that adds another dimension to the website; not too bad.

Where I am having trouble being hopeful is about the involvement of amateur guests as speakers and the quality of discussion. It is possible that the intention is not towards controlling the quality of discussions or topics. Well, then one has to think about the consumers of the section or listeners who would turn the section on and spend their 20-30 minutes. Administrator needs to think about his/her target group. Who are the group of people who would listen to people just like them talking about a subject that do not yield to any conclusion – like all talk shows out there? There definitely are bunch of losers out there who would rather spend hours on internet being totally unproductive than attending a school. But I can assure you that those people won’t join this section even if you pay them to -- :). My point is that when you sensibly think about Nepalese having education, being an internet user, having interests on talk show and most importantly knowing that this site offers such kind of thing – the number of people who possibly could have remote interest on this kind of thing; either to participate or listen becomes less and less.

Now let’s get into the circle of Nepalese who are educated, internet user & do have interests on amateur talk show – either to engage them or listen to. Undoubtedly, the bigger percentage of that small group is living outside Nepal. From that group, when you pick up number of people who would want to spend their time participating, it becomes handful. The administrator seems to be relying on handful of unpaid amateurs to run the section who can promise neither quality nor continuity. Hence both quality and quantity is not assured from this section.

Just so everybody knows I do not have any aversion towards this section. I assume it is a fine concept to introduce. What I am unsure is that this can section can be something that people would even bother listening if they are not the participant.

Finally, some good words towards the site. I believe the website administrator or whoever runs the show is very apt about the technical skills. He or She worked arduously to make this website something that looks professional and filled with contents – especially the musical section. Intention of my comment is not to make the administrator cringe but is merely an honest criticism. At the end of the day, he or she who runs the show has the ultimate discretion about his or her offerings.
parshu sharma05:52:47 AM Saturday, 03 October 2009
insteat of changing flag they have to change first.leaders have to change their nationality.flag is the symbol of peace n unity."netajii before changeing flage change the country as india or any other country which u want"
rabin chandra03:16:41 AM Friday, 09 October 2009
nepali jhanda hoina, ki netaharu ko partigat swartha lai phernu paryo ra des ko khatir lagnu paryo. Jahile pani janata ko lagi bhanne ra janata le nai sandhai dukkha pawne kura hunu bhayena.
bob07:19:08 PM Friday, 23 October 2009
changing the flag will not change anything ,first we need to change our imigration policy and tighten our border with india ,everyday indians are coming into nepal and resididing iand eventually getting a hold of bihari or marwai politician and buying citizenship in nepal we need to change our immigration policy likes of bhutan or Singapore where indians are accounted for and leave after their time is up ,We dont need a cespool like culcutta or any indian overcrowded city
harry10:32:44 PM Wednesday, 25 November 2009
this is unbelievable.changing national flag is just like bowing head towards untruthness.
Sanzipp05:56:55 AM Wednesday, 23 December 2009
Our FLAG is only the flag that is triangular in shape..which makes us proud....so no one should ever think about changing our pride
Ms03:46:38 AM Thursday, 24 December 2009
dear mao......,namaskar cha hai.
do u people really want to change or reverse everything thats going on.............
well, i would wish first of all can u change the EATING MOUTH and reverse ...............
sandesh04:23:12 AM Sunday, 03 January 2010
jhanda haina haamro nepal ko neta haru change hunu parcha ,sabai kukur ho kukur bhukne matra ho dukha ta yehi janata lai nai ho
Gajendra11:38:42 PM Tuesday, 02 March 2010
Flag is our hornor to being Nepali n I am against changing flag.Hamro flag le auta chutai mahatto bokeko cha. Jaba samma yo jhanda cha taba samma world ma Nepal ko chuttai chinari cha, mahatto cha.
topraj ng06:46:38 PM Wednesday, 07 April 2010
democratic country is always rulled by the people and one party can't change or take a monopoly decision.its really very funny to make this issue.Its kind of changing the name of the country(nepal to india or china).so,being a nepali this kind of rubbish issue shouldn't be made.SHAME ON U MAOIST.
psychoboy03:08:38 AM Wednesday, 19 March 2014
Wa ap hamr0 desh ko y0 din p0ni ay0 vak0 j0ti ejat maanmriyadalae ta g00se ma change g0rera khayau nepali amak0 chin0 y0 ch0kh0 flaglae p0ni ap change g0rne.m0ele sunek0 thiye hamr0 desh system b0naunema 1st xa are.yatinae change g0rne sauk xa vane afn0 thinking change grnu sarwapratham tesh p0xi desh ko s0chnu. K netaharu ko ejatko faluda grnu. Yadi bejat v0yep0ni sudharidaenan.
Anonymous08:55:10 AM Thursday, 17 April 2014
x factor03:56:39 AM Wednesday, 17 September 2014
totally rubish thinking to change our pride as a tringular flag.
the flag should be the flag what is before. .

nepali choro03:35:46 AM Thursday, 18 September 2014
1st= maoists think they can run country much better then king and others parties and then people give them chance and everyone knows it was a total disaster.

2nd= they can't justify their words. they forget whatever they promised with people before they got selected.

3rd= they never do anything infact the so called head of maoists didn't even know what actually war is it was always the poor and innocent nepali brother and sister who died for country. big people probably was enjoying popcorn and listening news.
i just can't understand by knowing everything also why we are silence.why they are still in that position where they can make a statement of changing flag if they got control they will change the country name too
.........grow upp..... nepali kati chup basne aatii vai sakyo
nepali choro 03:45:56 AM Thursday, 18 September 2014
soja saja nepali janta ko ragat pasina bagai aafu haru ta mathi pugyou
janta ta mareka thiya thiya desh ni bechne sur gardai xau badhai xa wha
jun purkha le rache ko gatha lai metnu ko k artha huna sakxa taii ta ho desh drohi pan
jun jhanda (flag) le nepal lai biswa ma nai alag pahichan deko xa usailai parwartan garnu ko k artha xa (desh drohi pan)
aaba jhanda (flag) pariwartan gara mt everest pani china ko ho vandau ani nepal idea ko jun border area xa tyo india lai dau simana michda kai nagara ani banxa desh.
aai garna lai tetro soja garib janta ko ragat bagayeko raixau haii wha fari pani badhai xa asal desh drohi bandai xau
(jun aama le janma diyo taii aama lai bechne xora lai k vanu sabda nai xaina )

ma mare pani mero desh bachi rahos
prand vanda pyaro lagxa mero desh kata kata
jaii nepal........
Anonymous12:55:51 AM Wednesday, 15 July 2015
i like all nepali song
Anonymous12:58:19 AM Wednesday, 15 July 2015
i love all sentimental song
Anonymous11:58:05 PM Wednesday, 10 February 2016
K change garcha mahobadi le flag......dum huna paryo ni???
Our flag is Unique one and it holds our ancestral Souls ........Not Of Maoists.........
Nepal ko flag change huna ta Chunab nai huna parcha....kunai maika lal le change garna sakdaina....... Jhanda pariwartan garna cha bhani khukuri ra dhaal lai harayera dekha
Samir07:44:58 PM Thursday, 27 April 2017
Place write some essay about hamro jhanda in Nepali
Samir07:44:59 PM Thursday, 27 April 2017
Place write some essay about hamro jhanda in Nepali

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