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Nepalicollections.com (नेपाली कलेक्सन्स.कम)

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  1. The term "we", "us", "website", "nepalicollections.com" and "nepalicollections" is referred to only www.nepalicollections.com . The term "you" and "user" is referred to any visitor/s of the website.
  2. By visiting and using the website, you as a user acknowledge/agree and are bonded with all the terms and condition of the website. We reserve the right to make any changes with the terms and condition. So, it's your responsibility to periodically check for any changes. You do have an option to receive notification during any changes in the terms and conditions, and this can be achieved by letting us know your email address by contacting us at nepali@nepalicollections.com .
  3. Some features of the website are available to nepalicollections account holder only. To access the features you must open your own account and may not use others account without the permission from the account holder. Any false information used during opening of an account may result in the termination of the account. You will be responsible for any activity involved with your account and therefore you are responsible for securing your account with secure password. Nepalicollection will not, at any circumstance will be liable for the loss as a result of an unauthorized use of your account. Any unauthorized activity performed may result in the dismissal of the activity/service or termination of an account.
  4. The unauthorized activity included:
    1. Taking credit for something you did not do.
    2. Uploading content that contains violence, discrimination, false information, obscene, and sexual activity.
    3. Any activity that cause offense to other users.
  5. If any terms and condition is not clear then it's the users' responsibility to contact us at nepali@nepalicollections.com for clarification. If any activity that is not specifically mentioned in this page then it is not acceptable to assume that the activity is allowed and it's the users' responsibility to contact us at nepali@nepalicollections.com to verify the acceptance of those activities.
  6. Nepalicollections.com is a hobby project built with an effort to promote Nepali website with the information related only to Nepal. Nepalicollections.com does not want to hurt anyone and all the information available in the website are gathered from different websites. So, if there is any information on the site which you think is irrelevant or violates any general rules then please inform us at nepali@nepalicollections.com. We do preserve a right to change the content and format and theme of the website at any time.
  7. The information on the site is linked through many other external resources and nepalicollections.com doesn't guarantee the validity of the information obtained through those sites. However, we take every effort to get correct information from the legitimate source and include in the website. We try our best to give credit to the right person for the content available in the website. Any information used from the website is on your own risk. Nepalicollections.com and its owners are not responsible for any damages or liability caused by the use of the website. If you do not want to accept the terms and condition of the website, please do not use the site. And, the use of the site indicates your acceptance to the terms and condition.

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